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Published: 23rd October 2011
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For a medical malady as common as heartburn, it is surprising to us just how misunderstood it can be by so many people. The answer to the question of how acid reflux can be beat will lie directly in how well it is understood. That old adage about knowledge being power applies very well to this situation, and we hope to not only provide that knowledge, but explain why self-education is an important first step in the defense against heartburn.

This article will provide only a brief overview of the facts you should know. For more in depth-analysis on any of the topics covered in this article, check out our website that has more detailed articles on pretty much every area concerning heartburn, the causes of acid reflux, the symptoms of heartburn, and most importantly- effective acid reflux treatments.

Discovering the Cause of Heartburn

The first step in defeating heartburn is to discover the cause of the heartburn. There are many different factors that can cause the familiar burning in the chest, sour taste in the mouth, and the common symptoms associated with acid reflux and heartburn. The most common causes of acid reflux are:

- Fatty and greasy foods
- Large meals
- Sedentary lifestyle
- Pregnancy
- Spicy or unfamiliar ethnic foods
- Smoking or chewing tobacco
- Drinking alcohol
- Caffeine
- Laying down too soon after eating

Our website can give you some more insight as to why these common causes of heartburn tend to trigger acid reflux. Once you know what is causing your acid reflux, you will be one step closer to getting rid of it.

Treating Your Heartburn

Just as the people who experience heartburn are different beyond measure from each other, the treatments for acid reflux are also varied. There is no one-size-fits-all acid reflux treatment, no matter what those commercials for antacids want you to think. The right treatment for you and your acid reflux will likely vary from the treatment that will be right for your neighbor. Here are the different forms of acid reflux treatments available.

- Natural or Herbal treatments
- Over the counter medications
- Changes in diet
- Prescription medications
- Simple lifestyle changes
- Dietary supplements

Some people will need only one of these treatments while other may have to employ a combination of two or more. For more detailed information on each of these acid reflux treatment options, check out our website. It will provide you will articles centered around each of these items so you can make a more educated decision on the best acid reflux treatment for you.


Heartburn is a simple condition, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to live with. Suffering from heartburn and acid reflux can literally affect every area of your life from work, to entertainment, to romance and beyond. Getting a handle on your acid reflux will help you get a handle on your life.

Stephanie Gaetti is an expert in heartburn treatment and runs the very popular blog heartburn home remedies. She has helped thousands of people curing their heartburn. For more information, visit remedies for acid reflux.

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